Wednesday, December 16, 2009

article 3

I am even more excited about getting my masters in special education. In high school I wrote my junior thesis paper on nature vs nurture regarding homosexuality. I determined that biologically the brain was different in heterosexuals than homosexuals but ultimately it was the effect of both environment and biological factors that determined one's sexual preference. Now I'm reading articles related to diferences in the brain that may contribute to LDs. The article clearly suggests that early intervention can diminish the gap between a students reading ability with that of his/her peers. This makes sense. However, I think that most schools don't emphasize the importance of reading skills and their effect across subjects. In math for example you can't take trigonemtry until you've passed algebra and can't take calculus until you've passed both trigonemtry and algebra. A student that cannot read or comprehend what he/she is reading is still moved along in science, history, english etc. How? The don't have the building blocks to understand what they are reading. some students may be able to "fake it" by listening in class. They may have adjusted to lack of reading skills by paying better attention and increasing their oral listening skills. This is not helping them but only hindering their reading skills. If we can determine that an LD is partly biological it would be then covered under most insurances. These students would then be covered by law to get the necessary help they need and deserve.


  1. I have seen this happen so many times, students are moved along when they are truely clueless as to what is going on around them. It is a disservice to the student. If we as teachers can come up with a better system this will not happen. We need to understand that things are linked, it is not a choice the student made rather a pre-determined (for lack of a better word) difficulty for them by the make up of their brian. If we are not there to catch it early and give them the building blocks what good are we going to be to them in higher grades?

  2. It is amazing how these students develop coping skills to access information. I had a student once who could read the word astronaut but could not sun out the word because...