Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lesson Design

This book Teaching Mathmatics to all Children by Benny F. tucker, Ann H. Singleton, and Terry L. Weaver is a practical guide. The examples they give in ways to teach and adapt lesson plans will truly be helpful as a new teacher. My favorite part was this approach: "Let's think about what we already know that can help us here." This creates a positive way to help motivate a child to continue trying a difucult problem. It builds their self esteem, pumping up their welf worth. It helps them realize they are smart and can figure it out. Many times struggling students, give up. They are aware that their grades are lower than peers and as the curriculum gets harder they throw in the towel. Using this positve phrase helps their self-esteem as the teacher reaffimrs the knowledge and skills the student has already mastered. By doing this, the teacher is using graduated guidance to help the student figure out the new problem on his won with positve supports around him/her. The student still does all the work and gains more self-confidence once the correct answer is determined. This can be used in any subject making it an effective tool in any classroom.

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